To all who have contributed, thank you. You've all made an important difference in City's life and that of her family. They continue to be in awe of your generosity, and full of gratitude. She is happy and proud to be able to continue her education. 

If you are unfamiliar with City's story or are considering making a contribution, please read more about her and her family below.


March 2015

I met City (pronounced see-tee) as a bright 12 year old girl when I was living in Kenya in 2011. Now she is 16, and she was recently accepted at one of the few high schools in her region. She was so proud to tell me this a few months ago when she was accepted. She is the third child of four, and she would be the first in her family to continue her education past primary school.

I became close friends with City’s family over the four months I spent in Kenya. Despite their having moved to a very rural area, we have remained in contact over the past four years thanks to our cell phones. Our relationship has steadily gained more love and trust over this time. 

I was sad to hear from City’s older sister that her parents had not been able to save enough money from their very modest incomes to pay her school fees- for the first term alone. Secondary school is not free in Kenya, as high school is in the United States. Kenyan students must pass an exam at the end of primary school and be accepted to one of the secondary schools. It was especially hard to know that she worked hard to get in, was accepted, and thought she was going only to learn that she couldn’t. Whether or not she attends high school could change the trajectory of her entire life. Her sister, who is 23 and has a baby, lives with their parents and has very limited options as to how she can earn an income. When I asked her if she had gone to high school she said no, and that she doesn’t want City to end up in her position. The whole family has been working hard but has exhausted their options for coming up with the money to pay for City’s education.

So my mother and I covered the rest of her tuition for the first term, and together with her family we were able to preserve her place at the school and she was able to start classes on time this February. But her second term payment will be due in April, and she will continue to owe tuition throughout the four years she is attending secondary school. Tuition and fees cost $650 a year, for a total of $2,600. If 130 people put in $20, her secondary education would be accounted for. This includes the cost of tuition, books, medical fees, her school uniform, and food for each term. Jirte, a very good friend of both City’s family and myself, facilitated the first payment to the school and will continue to do so. He was the only one of 8 children to attend school and he understands how to go about this process, unlike City's parents and siblings. City is like a little sister to him. She means a lot to both of us and we want to help her expand her opportunities in life. 

This is a chance to directly make an important impact on someone’s life. Please consider supporting City's education by contributing to her school fees.


I'm happy to answer questions here.

Over 90% there! Thanks so much to those who have contributed. Since attending her first terms of secondary school City said she is the happiest of all the students to be there. We're going to make that continue by ensuring that she has the support to finish all four years of high school.